Shoot at Wild Walls Climbing Gym- Spokane Washington

Wild Walls is one of my clients, I stopped by this evening and did some ascending on a few routes. I feel like a got some great shots to choose from. Will have images up on my Facebook page tomorrow! You can visit that page by clicking here

~Blake Sommers

Leah Kelly Portrait Session

I have the most beautiful sister! So whats more fun than having a little photoshoot? Well nothing :) We spent a few hours in Downtown Spokane and I think we got some great shots!

Justin Bumgarner Mountain Biking at Beacon Hill

I had the chance to shoot some photos with Justin the other day. We decided to spend a few hours shooting photos at Beacon Hill, after getting a few shots we thought it would be fun to shoot a video! A few hours and a head ache later here is the outcome. [youtube=] I wanna give a HUGE shout out to Chris Lambeth for helping me shoot this! Couldn't have done it without him :)

Check out his work here

And here is my work :) 

Technical mubo jumbo...

Shot on a Canon 7D ,5D Mark II and a Canon t3I

Canon 70-200 F4L

Canon 35 1.4

Canon EFS 18-55

Edited in Final Cut Pro