First Skate Session Of The Spring

The weather was fantastic today so I decided to head back to Jo-Albi Skate Plaza in Spokane Washington to shoot a few photos of some local skaters, I met up with two guys who both ride for Paradigm Skate Supply here in Spokane. For the short amount of time we got to shoot they absolutely killed it! Hopefully I can shoot with them again. [gallery ids="1393,1392,1391,1390,1389,1388,1387,1386,1385,1384,1401,1402"]



Promo for 15 year old Dakotah Roach - Spokane Skateboarding Photography

I met this kind down at Jo-albi skate park while doing a little filming, after doing a few shots with him I realized how good this kid was. So I decided that I would put together a personal promo for him. He has only been riding for one year and the kid absolutely kills it. The video took 3 days to shoot and took me about 5 days to edit. The video was shot 100% on the Gopro Hd, and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro Cs5 and Adobe After Effects. [youtube=]